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I've been in love with creating film and video since I was 9-years-old. I moved a lot throughout my youth, from California to New Jersey, and nearly everywhere in between, before finally settling on Vermont for college. While attending Champlain College and stoking my passion for storytelling, I discovered motion and design and fell in love. Since then I've been in constant pursuit of more knowledge: of design, animation, motion graphics, storytelling, marketing, editing, and the like.

I learned many of my professional skills as a motion graphics designer at Universal Orlando Resort, while also freelancing at various agencies throughout Orlando. My seven years there lead me towards a specialty in social media marketing and digital advertising.

In pursuit of a career in an industry with the motivation to educate creative individuals, I took my refined talents to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where I led the social media content creation team, creating both organic social and paid social media to foster and grow the SCAD community. My education is life-long and I continue to learn and grow today.

"Kyle is constantly striving to produce a better product with each project. He maintains his composure during difficult times and works well under pressure. He is constantly learning and creating new ways to be more effective in his role and incorporate his findings in new projects he's presented."

"He has become an expert in creatively delivering high caliber work for the business. Not afraid of a challenge and an engaged team player."

"Kyle strengths are his proactive approach to creating efficiencies in the department, his expertise in motion graphics, and his ownership of his work."

"Kyle continually pushes our video elements to the next level. Always has great ideas and brings a lot to the outcome of a project. A true, genuine person that still includes and values other peoples input."

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